Rakhi Sawant's relationships underwent a complete roller coaster ride inside the Bigg Boss house. From foes to friends, Rakhi's equations remained quite unpredictable inside the house. Rakhi and Rahul Mahajan's equation also changed a great deal inside Bigg Boss. While Rakhi claimed that Rahul was her closest friend, Mahajan denied the claims. What followed was a mammoth drama between the two.

Rakhi sawant
Rakhi sawant

Rakhi lashes out Rahul Mahajan

And even after leaving the house, Rakhi doesn't seem to have gotten over it. Reacting to her equation with Mahajan now, Rakhi said at a press conference that he is nothing without his surname. "What is Rahul Mahajan's personality on his own. If you remove his surname, Mahajan, he is zero. I respect his father, mother and sister. But what is he on his own?" she questioned. Rahul Mahajan was not the only one with whom Rakhi's equation went sour.

Rakhi and Abhinav too were at loggerheads towards the end. Rakhi had spoken about her love for Abhinav and how she wanted him to donate sperm for her frozen eggs. However, things took an ugly turn when Rakhi crossed the limits of her possessiveness towards Shukla. Abhinav reacted to the whole Rakhi controversy after exiting the house. Abhinav had said that Rakhi had already told him of her plans of going after him for entertainment purpose, which he agreed to. But he had to stop her when she crossed the line.

rakhi Sawant cries

"I wanted to laugh, I wanted the audience and people to laugh. Why should I deprive the audience of that? But yes, there is a thin line. You can't just do anything and everything. Whatever she did, it was her plan. There was no encouragement or initiation from my side," Abhinav told HT. Reacting to whether he was shocked when Salman Khan supported Rakhi, Shukla said, "Not exactly disappointed but I was dejected. You can say I was a little disappointed and a little dejected."