Rajinikanth, originally Shivaji Rao Gaekwad is now the biggest star in the Indian film industry, and he enjoys a huge fan base in all nooks of the globe. Before foraying into the film industry, Rajinikanth worked as a bus conductor in Bengaluru, and during these days, he had a lover named Nirmala, whom the Superstar fondly called Nimmy.

Mollywood star reveals Rajinikanth's love story

Details of Rajinikanth's emotional love saga was shared by Mollywood star Devan during an interview he gave to Manorama News. It should be noted that Devan had shared screen space with Rajinikanth in movies like 'Baasha'.

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"We were shooting for a movie in Chennai, and one day Rajinikanth invited me for dinner. When I reached Rajini sir's room, he had prepared everything needed for a grand dinner. While having little alcohol, Rajinikanth asked me whether I had any first love. When I detailed my love story to the Superstar, he became emotional, and I asked him why he is upset. Rajini sir then talked about his emotional love story that happened in the Garden City," said Devan.

As per Devan, Rajinikanth met Nirmala while he was working as a conductor in Bangalore city. Nirmala, at that time, was studying MBBS, and both of them used to spend time whenever Nirmal boards the bus in which Rajinikanth was working.

"One day, Rajinikanth invited Nirmala to see a drama in which Rajinikanth acted the lead role. After some days, Rajinikanth received an interview letter from Madras Film Institute. He was totally shocked as he did not send any application. Later, Nirmala informed Rajinikanth that she had sent the application on his behalf. Nirmala revealed that Rajinikanth's performance in the drama was impeccable, and she wished to see him as a global superstar. Rajinikanth revealed that he did not have money to visit Chennai. Hearing this Nirmala gave him Rs 500, and Rajini sir went to Chennai with this money," added Devan.

Where is Rajinikanth's lover Nirmala now?

After joining in Madras Film Institute, Rajinikanth came back to Bengaluru to see Nirmala, but she did not turn up. Later, Rajinikanth, along with his friends went to Nirmala's house to enquire what had happened. However, the doors were locked, and the neighbors informed Rajinikanth that the family has shifted to some other location.

"Rajinikanth told me that he has not seen Nirmala again in his life, and he started crying. It was not mere tears, he was literally weeping like anything. Rajini sir said, 'Whenever I visit Bangalore, I used to look everywhere to see Nirmala. But until now, I have not seen her. She was such a gem, and that might be the reason she did not pay a visit to me. She might be thinking that I have forgotten her.' Rajinikanth became very happy when I consoled him by saying that Nirmala will meet him one day for sure," said Devan.