Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi, who arrived here on Friday to see his constituency office which was vandalised by Students Federation of India activists last week, said that violence will not resolve any issues.

Gandhi had arrived at the Kannur airport in the morning and then drove down to Wayanad.

All top Congress state leaders accompanied him to Wayanad.

Interacting briefly with the media after seeing the vandalisation, he said even though it is his office, this office is also the people of Wayanad.

Violence will not resolve problems: Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad National.
Violence will not resolve problems: Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad National.IANS

"Violence is seen everywhere, but violence will not resolve problems. Even though I feel sad that my office was attacked, I am not angry as it's been done by 'children'. I don't have any hostility towards them. They have acted irresponsibly and did a silly thing. They are kids and I don't think they know what they did and I have forgiven them," said Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi
 Rahul Gandhi

He agreed with what the Supreme Court said about what is happening in the country and it is for the ruling dispensation to see that, as this is against the interest of India and the people.

Gandhi will be in Wayanad for two more days, attending various functions.