Raghava Lawrence, who has been actively helping people in need during the lockdown over Coronavirus outbreak, has requested people not to stop helping the ones who are in need.

Raghava Lawrence
Raghava Lawrence.Raghava Lawrence Facebook Page

The multifaceted talent has said that family and friends are upset at the sight of people craving for liquor and wondered whether they was a need for them to help such people. Then, he points out that one should not punish everyone for the mistakes of a few and requests public to extend help to the people in need.

Raghava Lawrence's Call
On his Facebook page, he wrote, "Hi friends and fans, The tasmac was opened a few day's back in Tamil Nadu after seeing the crowd rushing to the tasmac my mother and few people who are serving with me questioned me saying
' we are working so hard to serve others but see how irresponsible these men are behaving and asked do we have to help these people ?

Not only my mother and friends i know that many people have this doubt if we are serving the right people. So, I want to tell everyone that if we stop serving because of 1 drinking men in the family then his mother, wife and kids will only be affected and many family don't even have a house, we have only seen drinking men in the picture but many other men who don't drink are suffering to provide for their family , So kindly don't stop serving. My small request to all drinkers, before drinking please think about your child's tears who are suffering in hunger. Let's spread positivity, Service is god. [sic]

Raghava Lawrence and Rajinikanth
Raghava Lawrence and Rajinikanth.PR Handout

Lawrence's Contribution
The 43-year old , a self-proclaimed fan of Rajinikanth, has generously helped for the Coronavirus relief works. He is contributing his entire remuneration of Chandramukhi 2 to the cause.

He is donating Rs 50 lakh each for PM Cares Fund, Tamil Nadu CM Relief Fund, FEFSI (Film Employees Federation of South India) lakh union, dancer's union, Rs 75 lakh for daily labours and Rs 25 lakh for physically-abled people.