Rachita Ram and Rashmika Mandanna
Rachita Ram and Rashmika Mandanna.PR Handout

Rashmika Mandanna, who was trolled mercilessly using her childhood photo recently, has got a support from a leading actress from Sandalwood. Rachita Ram has now slammed the trolling culture and asked the people to be proud of her achievement.

Any publicity is good publicity for her
During an interview, Rachita Ram was asked about facing criticism from people on social media. The actress said, "I do get trolled very often. The good part of it is that people will know that she is still in the industry. Publicity for me is always publicity. Negative or positive, it does not matter, but it hurts when people cross the limits. We too have families and we are human beings too,"

"At the end of the day, we are not animals. If we were animals, probably, such comments would not have affected us. It pains when people make extremely negative comment. People think that it is their right to comment on public figures, which is really wrong," she claims.

Rachita Ram adds that it is the audience's love and support have made them what they are today and she respects it. "We also respect the audience, but isn't it wrong for people to comment on our family or personal lives? First of all, nobody has the right to comment on anyone's personal life. Will people accept negative comments made on their family members? Should not we more concerned about our families and career than others' lives?

Talking about Rashmika Mandanna's recent issue, Rachita Ram said, "Being an actress, I really felt bad for her. She comes from our industry and she is doing good in other film industries which we need to be proud of. As a Kannadiga, we should be proud of her achievements. She is from our state and establishing herself in other states for which we should feel happy. One should not target a person for some comment... if you do not like a person, don't comment at all."

Rashmika Mandanna's Recent Incident
Rashmika Mandanna's childhood photo became a fodder for troll as miscreants created a meme which was really in a bad taste. She was called a 'prostitute'" by a troll and the screen shot of the meme can be seen below:

Rashmika Mandanna
A screen shot of the troll and Rashmika Mandanna's response to it.PR Handout