Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen
Rachel Bilson and Hayden ChristensenMichael Loccisano/Getty Images for GQ Magazine

The OC star Rachel Bilson and Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen have called it quits after being together for 10 years. And you thought the romantic tragedies of 2017 were over with the Anna Farris and Christ Pratt break-up, which devastated fans.

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The actors, both 36, had met on the sets of Jumper in 2008. What followed was an engagement in December that year, which they also quietly called off in the August of 2010. However, that too didn't last long as they got back together within three months. Bilson gave birth to their daughter in October 2014.

If you thought the couple was one of those quintessential Ross-and-Rachel affairs, we've got news for you. Christensen claimed in an interview that he and Bilson are ardent fans of Disney, hence their child was named Briar Rose, which was the original name of Sleeping Beauty.

The actors had succeeded in keeping their relationship extremely private for years. For good reason, too, considering that celebrities feel other stars might pose threats to their happily-ever-afters. Apart from joint appearances in award shows and Rachel gushing about her affectionate gestures towards Hayden, there weren't many elaborate instances of PDA that the duo partook in.

In one particular interview with US Weekly, Rachel left fans aww-ing by talking about their initial stages of dating. "There's a bracelet from Hayden that was engraved for me with a special saying," she said in the December, 2016 interview. "I always carry that around."

That wasn't the only time, though. Post their daughter's birth, Rachel spoke about Hayden's parenting skills. She laid stress on how he was a "wonderful father" to Briar. "[He] is so present and just so awesome with her," she said, adding about their takes on co-parenting and how they "[try] to be on the same page together and do things together as much as possible."

However, even though they might have decided to call it quits despite multiple social media posts about each other, fans aren't ready to take it. Is the past just repeating itself? Or is it over for real this time? We can't blame them for having a tough time making the call. Just look at this gem of a post right here:

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Sources told the US Weekly that it's mainly because of how they are staying apart. "She's full-time back in LA. He's in Toronto," claimed the source. "They've been on the outs for a couple of months. They are completely, officially done."

In case you are mourning the fact that with all these celebrity splits, love might really be dead, here are a few posts from Rachel's Instagram that will leave you touched!

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