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A passenger took to Twitter to share the how a trespassing raccoon, which snuck into the hose of an air conditioning unit of an Air Canada flight, caused seven hours delay to take off and its 79 passengers only reached their destination after animal control experts got the animal out.

The Toronto-bound flight AC1126 was scheduled to leave Saskatoon's airport at 2:50 p.m. CST but finally took off at 10 p.m on May 3.

According to Huffington Post, the furry bandit, which was inside the unit's hose, got disturbed when ground crews in Saskatoon were connecting an air-conditioning unit to the plane Thursday night.

"Our crews worked with the animal control experts to extricate the animal which was unharmed...This is the first time we're aware of such an incident," said Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah Friday, according to the website.

In order to catch the animal, the panel was also removed and lassos were kept ready.

Damien Lee, one of the passengers documented the entire event through several tweets. 

"People were guessing what it was at first. They were like, you know, holding mock bets, not really for real, but they were wondering and shouting out their ideas of what it could be," said Lee, an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan, as reported.

"It was a circus...What can you do? It's not like somebody did this on purpose. This is an animal in there," he added.

After hours of hullabaloo, the animal managed to escape unhurt.

Check out Lee's tweets here: