Milind Gaba Punjabi pop star

Millind Gaba, a renowned composer, singer and music director, has carved a niche for himself in both Punjabi and Bollywood music industry. He is known for his songs like 'Nazar Lag Jayegi'; 'She Don't Know' and 'Yaar Mod Do' with Guru Randhawa and many more.

 Recently, he has collaborated with Tusli Kumar for a soulful sad song 'Naam', which is breaking all the records.

In an exclusive freewheeling conversation with International Business Times, India, Millind Gaba shared his journey from being one of the music at the backstage to now conquering the Punjab music industry, his take on Punjabi songs finally getting its due in Bollywood and more.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Milind gaba and Tulsi kumar

What made you collaborate with Tulsi Kumar?

It was 11month ago when (Me & Tulsi Ji) met and started working on the song. I also produce Bollywood songs and was keen on something different.

Like the song, 'Naam' is a sad number and your forte lies mostly in romantic and party number, why the shift?

Every genre of the song has its own colours and my forte is romantic songs as well as party numbers. Having said that one shouldn't restrict to the genre and focus on making music which is loved by the audience.

 Do you think the remixed Punjabi tracked are justified in Bollywood?

I have a different perspective to it, if the song is remixed in Bollywood we get more audience to listen and enjoy the track. I also believe that Punjabi songs used in Bollywood films are the victory for the songs itself. We have been hustling from years and now it's getting recognition and getting self-registered into the big Bollywood films. There is no harm in Punjabi numbers making a way in Bollywood.

Have you got your due after working for so many years in the music industry?

I believe in destiny and in supreme powers. Everything happens for a reason and on its time. It's been 12 years since I started my musical journey started.  

Milind Gaba

Narrating his story, he adds,

I was one of the musicians behind big Punjabi singers and would earn by singing at the backstage. Eventually, I started saving and finally in the year 2014 I made my music video. By God's grace now I am working as a music director and producer.

Milind Gava

Are you satisfied with the way your career is shaping up?

I am very satisfied; I don't crave for anything anymore. I believe everything happens at the right time. This is the only thing I wanted to do in my life. During my school days, other kids were good at sports or in academic, I wasn't good at anything, I never played sports, nor was I good in studies. Music was the only thing I was inclined towards and this is the only thing that I love.

A Bollywood actor you would lend your voice?

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan had asked people to pray for his mother to test negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday.PR Handout

Ever since I understood, films I have been an ardent fan of Aamir Khan. I hope I get an opportunity to lend my voice for his songs and make him groove to my tunes. I have already collaborated with a lot of my Punjabi singer brothers like Alfaz Paaji, Mika sir, Jazzy B, and I think my big brother Baadshah bhai, Raftaar bhai and I am looking forward to work with a lot more.

What next?

 I am coming up with bigger collaboration in Bollywood as well as my solo album will be coming soon.

 Watch the song below: