Punita Khatter

The contemporary world is increasingly becoming self-driven and atypical. People currently only care about their choices and interests. These choices often can be out of pressure or self-interest. However, out of all the miseries in the world, few people are still trying to do something good and make a positive change. One such person is Punita Khatter. She is the co-founder and managing director of Senocare LLP, a company that specializes in providing 24-hour personalized elder care services in India. It is not like the typical age-old services or elderly homes in India but an initiative that provides holistic treatment to the elderly by taking care of their littlest of needs to major ones. This has been a fairly unique concept in a country like India and has helped thousands of elderly living away from their children to have a secure life with lots of love and care from the team.

It is not long since Punita Khatter came up with the idea of the startup. It was in the year 2020, during the outbreak of Covid when she realized that a lot of elderly have been deprived of basic amenities of life which not only includes materialistic affairs but love and care too. This realization cradled her thoughts only after she and her MICE and more team had served a lot of Covid affected victims and their families. They tried to provide instant and selfless assistance to anyone in need and thus they became so popular with it that it also caught the attention of several hospitals and pharmaceutical centers. These medical institutions also vouched to help her and the team later. Soon after, she founded Senocare LLP in August 2020 with the motive of assigning everyday help to the older population who live away from their children or cannot make it on their own.

Punita Khatter's dynamic startup has left an indelible mark in contemporary times. She was also nominated as the National President Eldercare Council by the Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.