PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG as most would call it, is the new sensation in the mobile gaming space. PUBG mobile has garnered millions of downloads on iOS and Android app stores and continues to generate peak interest among gamers.

With every level, the battles get tougher and there's an imperative need to better understand the game's schematics to survive till the end and get that "winner winner chicken dinner." Whether you are a lone gamer or part of a squad, looting the best weapons and level 3 armour is of utmost importance to survive a 100-person free-for-all shootout.

The moment you jump out of a jumbo airplane flying in a straight path over different cities to start your FPS game, it is important to pinpoint that one drop location. The only thing that's on mind while choosing the drop location is "will I get enough weapons and supplies to survive the game till the end."

We are pretty sure, PUBG mobile gamers have some of their favourite spots (we won't even get started on the love for Pochinki), but it is wiser to explore new areas that can guarantee some high-value gears (like the 8X scope, compatible sniper rifles and lots and lots of ammo).

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To make things easier for PUBG mobile players to find that ultimate drop location, we have listed down the best loot areas in the game that fall closer to almost ever airplane trajectory.


This is a popular spot to land to get some high-grade weapons and armours. It is best to target the large multi-floored buildings, which where you'll find real treasure. But as you land, pick up a shotgun or SMG to be prepared in case you are attacked. Do not forget to search the terrace and if you have got 8X sniper rifles and you are at the centre of the circle, then it is the best spot to keep an eye on approaching rivals.


As the name gives away, prison is also a high-value loot area in PUBG mobile. But high rewards come with high risks, so proceed with caution as you'll find more people jumping here to get the best weaponry. It is advisable to head here if you're a part of the squad, and it is best to stick together.

PUBG Mobile is here
PUBG Mobile is hereGoogle Play Store / PUBG Mobile

Sosnovka Military Base

The military base is in the outskirts across a river, hence rarely explored. This should give you a great opportunity to pick up the best weapons. This is a massive area and would take time to explore, but it shouldn't be alarming as it attracts little crowd. If you're playing solo, this is where you need to be. But keep an eye out for that blue radiation circle.

Georgopol Shipping Dock

The shipping dock, to suit its name, has a lot of shipping containers. Explore each and every container and warehouse and you'll find some great gears. But stay vigilant as many players will head here and look for weapons in the shipping containers. You can also explore the nearby buildings for some decent gear and make your way to the containers so you're not caught off guard.

Mylta Power Plant

Mylta is not as heavily packed as the military base, but you'll find plenty of weapons and armours. Load as much as you can before heading out of this area and you'll still be left with many buildings to explore. If you like the risk, go to the giant factory building to get some high-value weapons.

Pro tip: While it's best to look for the best gear at the start, it is easier to proceed with decent gears and as the circle gets smaller, kill your opponents and loot their weapons. But learn to be stealth and vehicles are better than foot in such cases.