PUBG Mobile is amplifying its efforts to fend off cheaters and hackers from its platform. Tencent Games has banned several players for using cheats to gain an advantage over other players, but the battle is far from over. PUBG Mobile has a team dedicated to the task of identifying and catching cheaters in a bid to encourage healthy gaming.

PUBG Mobile has now upgraded its anti-cheat system with advanced real-time detection technology. This is the track evolving cheating methods in the game and players using unfair means to win games. The developers who sell hacks and cheat codes to players rely on some popular myths, which the PUBG Mobile team has busted.

If you've ever considered using hacks in PUBG Mobile, it is important to know that most of the facts associated with those hacks are untrue. Sure, they might work in the game to get you to survive longer or even win a game, but you cannot go undetected forever with such unfair practices.

Here are some popular hacking myths that are not true:

Myth: Hackers spending money in PUBG Mobile won't be banned

If a player cheats in the game, regardless of how much is spent in the game, will be banned. "We have banned some of the highest spenders in PUBG MOBILE who have been caught cheating. Everyone is equal in this regard," PUBG Mobile noted.

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Myth: Buying VIP hacks won't get you caught

If a developer is luring you with a VIP hack that is undetectable, don't fall for it. Not only you'll be losing the money you paid to buy that elite hack, but you'll also be banned from the game when caught. "There are no foolproof ways to cheat," PUBG Mobile warned.

Myth: Player from a particular country is definitely a cheater

It's unfair to blame an entire country. In fact, every country has cheaters, but most players from every country are honest.

Myth: Cheaters are financially benefitting to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile or Tencent do not benefit from cheaters in any way. In fact, they hamper the gaming experience for honest players, who'd lose interest in the game eventually.

"We hate cheaters as much if not more than you do and would never do anything to help cheaters," the team said.

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Developing hacks and cheats for games is a business model for some people to make quick cash, which is why it is important for them to convince you that their hack is foolproof. Players who consider buying hacks must also be vigilant about potential credit card fraud.

In an elaborate blog post, PUBG Mobile explained various ways with which it is fighting hackers on its platform. PUBG Mobile clearly explained how not all players you've seen pulling off an impossible shot or a stunt are hackers. There are a few easy signs for hackers, but one can also spot how someone isn't one.

Ask these four thoughts in mind before concluding that a certain player is a hacker:

Is that shot impossible or improbable? Luck and skill can go a long way in this game.

Packet loss or lag could be the real culprit.

Spectator mode isn't always accurate.

Sometimes bugs might cause illusions.