PUBG Mobile was banned in India over a month ago, but its players who did not delete the game from their phones have been able to play the battle Royale title without any issues. In fact, Indians seem to have found a loophole to bypass the ban and be able to download and play PUBG Mobile. But all those extra steps and efforts won't be necessary as PUBG Mobile's return to India is imminent. It's a matter of when rather than if.

After PUBG Corporation cut ties with Tencent for its popular mobile game in September, there was a ray of hope for players. Now, there's another prominent hint about the game's return to India after the government banned hundred other Chinese apps in order to preserve the country's sovereignty and integrity.

Shortly after, PUBG Mobile was removed from Play Store and App Store, with no official way to download the app legally. Using VPN and other means is a whole another story.

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PUBG Mobile is coming back

PUBG Corp has posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a Corporate Development Division Manager in the country. The job requirement is for an individual to support the setup process of PUBG India with guidance from Krafton Inc, developing and monitoring the pipeline of potential M&A, investments and strategic partnership opportunities in gaming and related sectors in India, and more.

Whatever be the case, players of the game haven't been deprived of access to PUBG Mobile as the servers are still working as before. But the official lifting of the ban would mean players won't have to use VPN or download the game from third-party stores.