Jagbir Dahiya

Entertainment has become a part and parcel of every person's life. Lately, we have seen many producers coming up with extraordinary content for the audience. Looks like film producer Jagbir Dahiya is embarking on a new journey with his new music company 'Asian Records'. The producer has earlier been associated with various serials and shows for Doordarshan.

He, in the past, has produced films like 'Kuch Kariye' with Sukhwinder Singh and 'The Journey of Karma' with Poonam Pandey and Shakti Kapoor. The Haryana-based producer is now excited to bring musical melodies under his record label 'Asian Records'. He has always been fascinated with films and TV shows. With the rising demand for music, he decided to deep dive into the music industry.

The new venture is said to be a one-stop destination for all the budding artists, musicians, lyricists, musicians and other creative professionals. It is a known fact that India is home to many talents who are looking for an ideal platform to showcase their skills. The music label aims to promote aspiring talents across India.

Sharing his views about it, he said, "The industry is competitive. Every new week, there is a new face that the audience gets to see on their digital screens. Therefore, we are here to push those deserving artists who can get the much-needed recognition from the audience." Apart from his music company, the producer plans to incorporate a film studio in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. While things are still in the development stage, the film studio will offer services like dubbing, mixing, editing and DI.

Besides this, he and his team are working towards building a huge DI set along with a shooting setup and a luxury hotel near the studio. Not to forget, he is also a philanthropist. In the lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis, he extended his support by helping more than 3000 daily wage workers by providing essential commodities, financial support and accommodation to all the underprivileged people nearby Haryana and other adjoining areas, he claims.