Priyanka Gandhi
Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi stooped down to pick up the shoe of an injured journalist.Twitter

Priyanka Gandhi, the general secretary of AICC (All India Congress Committee) is now busy with the election campaign of her brother Rahul Gandhi who is competing from the Wayanad constituency in Kerala. The charming politician who reached Kerala on Wednesday (April 3) night completed the campaign in a very impressive manner, but her sleep was spoiled by a palm civet that lived on the roofs of the West Hill guest house.

As per a news report published in Mathrubhumi, Priyanka Gandhi went to bed at about 11.30 pm after a busy election campaigning day. However, at around 02.30 am in the night, Priyanka woke up from her bed after hearing continuous noises from the roof of her room. She soon informed the security officers around and they found that a palm civet is creating all the ruckus.

Priyanka also complained that the stinking smell of the palm civet running over the roof is irritating her much. Soon, the West Hill guest house witnessed some dramatic events, as police officials tried to hunt down the palm civet that disrupted the sleep of the national leader.

Even though a team of police officers tried their best to catch the palm civet, it escaped the hunting spree very cleverly. This compelled police officers to think of arranging a staying facility to Priyanka Gandhi in the Ravis hotel. Special branch soon got necessary instructions from the top to make all necessary arrangements to transfer Priyanka to the hotel. In the meantime, the palm civet escaped from the rooftop, and finally, Priyanka decided to stay in the guest house itself.

However, at the end of all these dramatic events, time was already 04.30 am, and Priyanka decided not to sleep in the early morning hours. At around 06.00 am, she became ready and joined Rahul Gandhi for the election campaign.