Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra, Nick JonasInstagram

The international report that claimed that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are heading for divorce after 117 days reasoning that their marriage is hanging by a thread has created furor on social media. While Priyanka's spokesperson has told a section of media that the report was dubious, Priyanka and Nick are likely to sue the magazine for spreading false news about them.

"Once she makes up her mind to deal with negative rumour-mongering, nothing can stop her. Piyanka will let loose her legal team on this news-manufacturing tabloid and ensure they get to their knees," Priyanka's close associate told

Another close friend of Priyanka told the website, "I met them both last week. The vibes between Priyanka and Nick is so warm no party pooper can piss on her parade. Tabloids and portals that go any lengths to generate news must be told where to get off."

Amid rumours of a divorce, Priyanka and Nick appeared all loved up at the Atlanta concert of the Jonas Brothers where the two appeared happy and content in each other's arms. Priyanka was even seen planting a kiss on Nick's forehead in one of the videos posted on her Instagram stories.

Earlier, The Cut article, which had carried maligning information about Priyanka and Nick's relationship, had received massive backlash on social media post which the publication had taken down the article and apologised to the newly wedded couple.

Reacting to The Cut article, Parineeti Chopra recently told Hindustan Times, "All I will say is that it was a terrible article. But whatever my reaction was remains between us [family]. I don't need to talk about it as it's not for public consumption."

When Parineeti was asked if such stories affect her to some degree, she said, "Honestly, I don't really get angry as it's not a part of my genetic built. Main kisi se zyaada argue bhi nahi kar sakti hoon. Even if I fight with someone — which hardly happens — it will be more on the emotional side. I am not that kind of a person, who will get angry and walk away. As for that article, like I said, public karna hota toh main tweet kar deti but it was very personal. But clearly, they were wrong because they removed it. And the whole world retaliated as everyone could see that it was absolutely fake and cr*p."