Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra at the White House Correspondents Association dinner.Reuters

The Quantico actress is not just making waves on TV in the United States, but in India too. If reports are to be believed then Priyanka Chopra has just bought herself a dream house worth Rs 100 crore!

The Bajirao Mastani actress is said to have hired one of the top builders in Mumbai for this job. According to a report by Zoom, Priyanka Chopra is leaving no stone unturned for her mansion which will have the best of everything.

Pee Cee was also rumoured to be looking for a home in New York and a pad in Los Angeles as well. But now it looks like she wants to build the beautiful house of her dreams in Mumbai itself and nowhere else.

The actress lost her father, Dr Ashok Chopra, in 2013 and today, it's her mom, Dr Madhu Chopra, and brother Siddharth, who are her world. Pee Cee seems to have achieved all that she could dream of today - beauty queen titles, top Bollywood star, Hollywood career and a singing career as well. Now, that she seems to have got her dream house in place, that can be ticked off her bucket list too. But what about marriage?

With regard to Pee Cee tying the knot, Dr Madhu Chopra reportedly told Indian Express, "Today, I see many marriages falling apart. People don't have the tolerance to give each other and their relationship so much time and to see it nurture. So, when Priyanka reaches that stage when she has the time to nurture her relationship and give it the attention it needs and demands, she will get married."

"It's not like you have reached a certain age and now, it is time to get married. That's a wrong basis for marriage," she added.

Hope that she finds her dream man soon too!