Priyadarshan-Lissy Divorce
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The news of Priyadarshan- Lissy divorce has come as a shock to many fans. The latest rumour in the industry is that Lissy has asked for a divorce settlement of ₹80 crore.

Ace director Priyadarshan and the former Malayalam actress Lissy filed for divorce at a family court in Chennai.

Lissy earlier asserted that ego clashes led to several issues between them but they had reconciled. She also denied asking for ₹80 crore as settlement.

"Our differences revolved mainly around my company, Four Frames Sound Company (she is the Managing Director of FFSC). Matters snowballed and our egos came in the way. The situation got out of hand. But let me clarify that I did not ask for ₹80 Crore," said Lissy in an interview to Bangalore Mirror in February, 2014

For the Malayalam industry, this is the second high profile divorce of the year. Another celebrity divorce that made headlines recently in the industry was that of Dileep – Manju Warrier.

The Dileep – Manju Warrier separation was the most discussed celebrity divorce in the media. The couple recently filed for divorce and was now awaiting final confirmation from the court. Manju also made headlines when she decided to return all property, reportedly worth ₹80 Crore to actor Dileep, amassed by the couple during 14 years of their marriage. This decision was much appreciated by the public and some see this move of Manju as her complete alienation from Dileep.

Though Manju and Dileep have not said anything about the reason for their divorce, rumours are that Dileep is not pleased with Manju's return to films, which she had discontinued after her marriage to the superstar. Some other rumours hint at extra marital affairs and Dileep's "special friendships" leading to the divorce.

Since their separation, Dileep and Manju's only daughter Meenakshi continues to stay with Dileep and his family. Meanwhile, Lissy's press release states that the couple's children and close friends are aware of their decision to divorce. Priyadarshan and Lissy have two children, daughter Kalyani and son Sidharthan, both settled abroad.