Prisma: A wonder app that transform a mundane picture to a true piece of art
Prisma: A wonder app that transform a mundane picture to a true piece of artPrisma via Apple App store

With a new update, Prisma Labs on Tuesday introduced the much needed offline feature to its photo-editing application. Now, users will no longer need internet to transform their photos to artistic impressions.

However, the offline feature is only available for half of the app's 30 filters. Another update is expected to bring the feature to all filters. The new firmware also fixes the over-capacity issues and comes with new charity styles, an option for users to donate $1 for children with serious illnesses, the company added.

Prisma claims that they will cut the time taken to process an image by 50 per cent. The new update is currently available for iOS-based Apple devices. The company has promised to release the Android version in coming days, probably by this weekend.

While location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go is slowly losing its sheen, adoration for Prisma is steadily growing with each passing day. According to data, the app has seen over 50 million downloads both on iOS and Android. It has a staggering four million plus average daily users.

Any new filters coming to Prisma App?

Yes, Prisma Labs is working on a 360-degree view option and a video filter. If all things go as planned, it might be released before the end of August or early September.

Company co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov has even teased a clip on Facebook showing the beta version of the video filter.

Watch this space for more updates.