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The truth about Mike's shady behaviour is going to come out in the next few episodes of "Pretty Little Liars", causing his sister Aria and the rest of the Liars to intensify their hunt for "A".

The previous episode saw Mike taking the Liars' blood and handing them off to Cyrus, and it appears as Hanna will be in deep trouble. The concluding scene showed "A" with the vials of blood and a video footage of Hanna and Caleb discussing how they would get rid of the barrel.

This has once again stirred talks on whether Mike is part of the "A" team. Speculation intensified after actor Cody Christian, who plays Aria's younger brother on the show, recently revealed in an interview that Mike knows a lot more about "A" than he should.

Although Aria is still reluctant to accept that her brother might be in the wrong, the next episode - titled "Pretty Isn't the Point" - will see her seeking Andrew's help to keep tabs on Mike. Aria suspects that Mike's sketchy behaviour might hold a connection to his girlfriend Mona's death and "what Aria ultimately discovers makes her blood run cold," teases the synopsis of episode 20.

Mike's unwillingness in confiding in his sister has also stirred suspicion in the girls; but according to Christian, Mike's decision to stick to himself is to protect Aria from any harm.

"I feel like he doesn't know who to trust right now, so he's just going to stick to himself and try to get through it on his own," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "But even more so, he doesn't want to get his sister involved because he doesn't want to see anything happen to her. I know Mike and Aria have fought quite a bit over the last few seasons, but they love each other. They're family and they'll do anything for each other. It's coming from 1) a place of mistrust of everyone and 2) he doesn't want to see his sister hurt in any way, shape or form."

Episode 21, titled "Bloody Hell", will also focus on Mike and his dark story arc. The episode synopsis teases that the Liars will be equipped with new information about Mona and this will force them to intensify their attempts to find "A" and get Alison out of prison.

"But once the truth is out there, Aria quickly learns that Mike's involvement with Mona and this new revelation could have serious repercussions for her family," the synopsis read.