Pregnant woman
Pregnant women should be extremely careful with the diet and lifestyle they follow during pregnancy. [Representational Image]Reuters

Ever since October 1988, October 15 is observed as Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. The event is held to remember deaths of infants, miscarriages and still birth. This day is observed to spread awareness about infant mortality and support the families which face pregnancy loss.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience apart from being one of the most crucial period of a woman's life, but there are many things that expecting mothers need to take care of. A single wrong step can be fatal for the baby and can leave an adverse impact on the mother's health as well.

According to United Nations (UN), the infant mortality rate is 49.4 per cent globally. If a proper diet and lifestyle is followed during pregnancy, one can decrease the risk of miscarriage and unwanted mood swings. Here's a list of food and beverages you should avoid during pregnancy:


Papaya is an antioxidant rich fruit which can be dangerous for pregnant women, the fruit is otherwise considered to be really healthy. Green papaya or unripe papaya is said to be more harmful during the first three months as it contains contraction-triggering enzymes.

Unpasteurised dairy products

Raw or unpasteurised milk and cheese should be avoided as it can cause food-borne diseases like Listeriosis. This can cause miscarriage, still birth and other severe ailments.

Uncooked eggs

Raw eggs are a rich source of proteins but it can cause a bacterial infection named salmonella poisoning. This infection can adversely affect the labour process and health of the baby.


Though this fruit provides you with a lot of health benefits, it should be strictly prevented during the initial months of pregnancy as it can lead to miscarriage. This fruit consists of an enzyme called bromelain which can be harmful for the foetus.

Green tea and coffee

Green tea is harmful for pregnant women as it contains caffeine, which is hazardous for the foetus. It also affects mother's breast milk. Coffee too is harmful for the unborn child, make sure you consult the doctor before consuming it.


Pregnant women are suggested to avoid eating liver as it contains vitamin A which can adversely affect the development of foetus. It leads to conditions like brain development issues and uterine problems.

Fish with high mercury levels

White fish is considered to be healthy for pregnant women and unborn babies but various fish like tilefish, swordfish etc are not recommended for consumption during this period. These fish contain high mercury content which can be harmful for the brain development of the baby.