Celina Jaitly
Celina Jaitly with husband Peter Haag and twin sonsTwitter

It was in 2003 that moviegoers were left mesmerised by beauty queen Celina Jaitly. The Miss India 2001 made her debut opposite Fardeen Khan in Janasheen. Though the film could not do well at the box-office, Celina had left an impact.

While the initial few years remained tough for the actress with none of her films managing to do well, she was never in dearth of projects. With films like No Entry, Tom Dick and Harry, and Apna Sapna Money Money which were commercially successful, Celina managed to make her own fanbase and enjoyed being a part of the hit projects.

Even when love came knocking at her door, she did not think twice before letting it in. Though she was getting closer to being at the peak of her career back then, Celina Jaitly tied the knot with Peter Haag on September 23, 2010. The couple was blessed with twins, twice. However, one of them passed away soon after birth. Celina and Peter have named their kids, Winston Haag, Viraaj Haag and Arthur Jaitly Haag.

Celina Jaitly
Celina JaitlyReuters

Though the couple has been married for close to a decade, rumours of the two having tied the knot only after Celina got pregnant has still been making the rounds. Recently, in an interview with SpotboyE, Celina revealed that she plans to speak out against media houses making such claims as this could lead to their kids experiencing physical trauma and bullying.

"There are some overconfident proclaims of the fact that Peter and I got married only because I became pregnant. The depiction of our children being conceived before marriage doing rounds on the internet through some very strong media platforms is absolutely baseless and irresponsible. They could have checked their facts with the Austrian marriage courts before jumping to such irresponsible conclusion and the worst part of it is that they continue to do so even 9 years after our marriage," she told Spotboye.

Celina Jaitly
Actress Celina Jaitly

She further added, "These rumours expose our growing kids to harmful content on-screen and bullying too in some cases. I have decided to raise my voice against this malicious circulation of information as our kids must be protected from images and information that could have a lasting and detrimental impact on them. The media has an important role to play in protecting and promoting the rights of the child and by continuously circulating such terribly wrong information about their very conception, they are playing an important part in causing the children great emotional and possibly physical trauma too."

Celina has been an inspiration for many women who struggle to lose that post-pregnancy weight and continues to inspire many.