Pratap Singh Rathod

When fantasy sports leagues started back in the 60s in the US no one would have guessed the impact of it in India more than 5 decades later. Fantasy cricket platforms like Dream11 and MyFab11 have stood their ground and didn't become a passing trendy app, they've garnered a larger user base who regularly use the platform and take part in fantasy cricket leagues.

Two players enter into a match with their imaginary teams and when the players in the team make a run in real life, the fantasy team benefits as well. Having the outcome of the game entirely out of their hands is off putting for some and thrilling for others. But for a seasoned few - luck is always on their side.

How, you ask?

Because they've cracked the code. With the help of experts and gaining insights into the game, many are able to make better choices in fantasy cricket and ultimately become a top player in it.

Cricket expert Pratap Singh Rathod is one of the fantasy cricket analysts in the country- through his YouTube channel Fantasy Prediction for Free he has helped many become better at Dream11 and MyFab11. His in-depth analysis of national and international cricket, match previews and predictions, and player profiling help many build helpful strategies. His content is thorough but follows simple language and is easily understandable.

He has also built a telegram channel where he keeps his community updated on the latest happenings in the world of cricket and its effects, and match updates. Through his dedication towards cricket and his community he has become an expert for fantasy cricket and shot his YouTube channel Fantasy Prediction for Free to new heights.