Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson were one of the first celebs to have shot for the condom ad shoot in 1991. While the audience has learned to accept watching condom ads on television now, back then, it was nothing less than a taboo to discuss or watch it. Directed by Alyque Padamsee, the ad was soon banned on Doordarshan. But, it definitely established Pooja Bedi as the firebrand actress-model on the black.

Pooja Bedi, Marc Robinson
Pooja Bedi, Marc RobinsonInstagram

Pooja on the ad

"It was great to be a fire-starter. The campaign was touted as the beginning of the sexual revolution in India by British tabloids. It won many awards and made advertising history. It was great to have been a trailblazer because of it," Bedi told Indian Express.

What happened during the shoot

In an interview with TOI, Pooja Bedi had once revealed that she was just told about being in the shower while Marc Robinson would remain on a boat. The actress revealed that it was on the shoot that she was told about Marc joining her in the shower too. Despite the initial hesitation, she decided to go ahead with it. But refused to squeeze Robinson's back when asked to and it was the makeup artist's hand that was shown ultimately touching Robinson's back.

A few months back, Pooja had shared some stills from the ad shoot and written, "GOSH! Some of the WOW stills taken during my shoot for the Kamasutra Condoms advert in 1991 by the late Prabuddha Dasgupta," she wrote while sharing several stills from the shoot.