National Police Commemoration Day is observed every year on October 21 in the remembrance of the brave policemen who sacrificed their lives while discharging their duties. Rich tributes are paid to the martyrs on this day.

On Police Commemoration Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, "Police Commemoration Day is about expressing gratitude to our police personnel and their families all across India. We pay tributes to all the police personnel martyred in the line of duty. Their sacrifice and service would always be remembered."

Police Commemoration Day
Police Commemoration Day.Image:Twitter

"From preserving law and order to solving horrendous crimes, from assistance in disaster management to fighting COVID-19, our police personnel always give their best without hesitation. We are proud of their diligence and readiness to assist citizens."

Police Commemoration Day history

Here is why  October 21 is celebrated as Police Commemoration Day in remembrance of the martyrs.

  • On October 21, 1959, twenty Indian soldiers were attacked by the Chinese troops in Ladakh
  • This altercation between the troops led to the death of ten policemen
  • Seven of the others who were also imprisoned and managed to escape from the Chinese troops
  • On November 28, 1959, the Chinese troops handed over the dead bodies of the martyred policemen to India
  • Their cremation was held with full Police honours at the Hot springs in Ladakh

In 2018, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the first-ever National Police Memorial in New Delhi on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day. He saluted the police forces and their families and urged the people of the country to visit the police museum.

The National Police Memorial commemorates 34,844 police personnel from all of the central and state police forces who have sacrificed their lives since 1947.