Pokemon GO update
Pokemon GO update: Future game promo codes, PokeShop price changes and Raid Clues revealed

Niantic is apparently working on a massive expansion pack for its popular augmented-reality game Pokemon GO, which is expected to go live this summer with loads of new promotional items and brand new co-op experience. The latest Pokemon GO update for Android and iOS seems to shed more light on the future game-promo-codes wherein users can avail special discounts and offers while purchasing exclusive DLC items in the game.

At the moment, the Promo Codes feature is explicit to Android as there is no word on its release for the iOS platform. Existing Apple Store restrictions on the use of Promo Codes could be the root cause for the unavailability of this feature on iOS, besides Apple is currently levying a 30 percent fee on each transaction made on the iOS platform.

According to Express UK, Ingress players on iOS platform are being forced to access a special website to redeem Ingress Promo codes and the same hassles could hinder Pokemon GO users with iOS devices.

Meanwhile, it is reported that dataminers have confirmed the promotional codes will be usable with special items, avatar aesthetics, Candy, Stardust and PokeCoins. The redeemable codes can be used via the in-game shop as well as through third-party outlets.

It is deemed that Niantic's business partners, Starbucks and Spring, could soon announce the arrival of the forthcoming expansion pack for Pokemon GO, sometime later in 2017.

There is new info about Gym Raids and other feature changes that could make Gym battles more competitive, wherein players will be alerted by a new notification system about nearby Raids as well as reveal the map overlay.

Gym diversity could be boosted with the introduction of new Pokemon species or by restricting the number of same types of Pokemon that could be used in Gym battles.