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Shabana AzmiVarinder Chawla

Looks like trolling has become the favourite passtime of users on social media. And the latest victim is Shabana Azmi.

Shabana recently shared a dish of poha and wrote: "Upma cooked by Ketki for breakfast in Florence!Thats what u expect was the demand of the gujju ladies im with.No sirree it was mine Love it [sic]".

Twitter immediately noticed the mistake and started correcting her, while some trolled her with hilarious memes.

One of the users posted a picture of momos saying: "ma'am please Rate this modak, maine banaya hai [sic]".

Even more hilarious memes started appearing on the actress' timeline — funny enough to make us laugh out loud!

Shabana, too, couldn't stop laughing and tweeted: "The responses are hilarioys. Havent stopped laughing.. ofcourse its poha .. upma slipped out but has led to much entertainment! [sic]".

She even retweeted some of the responses.