Mystery around Javed Akhtar and Sameer being mentioned in credit list of PM Narendra Modi biopic solved
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While Narendra Modi came out victorious in Lok Sabha election 2019 with a massive majority, critics of Vivek Oberoi starrer PM Narendra Modi have come up with their review of the movie.

After a lot of controversy, the biopic on Modi is finally releasing on this Friday. Directed by Omung Kumar, PM Narendra Modi showcases the journey of the political personality from his childhood as a tea-seller to becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

Some of the critics have given out their verdict of the movie, which are not so favourable, but not too negative either. It is being said that PM Narendra Modi is a movie that is solely made for the supporters and fans of Modi.

According to critics, a movie lover may not like it, but it may entertain die-hard fans of Modi. It appears to be a tribute to the political icon, whose journey from being a nobody to the most powerful person in the country is inspirational.

Check what the critics have to say about PM Narendra Modi movie:

Times of India: Whether you believe or don't believe in the political philosophy of Narendra Modi is secondary, as a film, this one is too lopsided for you to appreciate. It leaves a lot unanswered. While it firmly believes 'Modi ek insaan nahi, soch hai', we wish the script was as thoughtful. (2.5*/5/)

Khaleej Times: With the real life Modi winning the Lok Sabha elections with a landslide victory, the movie will no doubt do well with his supporters flocking to theatres to watch their hero in all his glory. In the end, PM Narendra Modi is a fanboy's (Omung Kumar and Vivek Oberoi's) tribute to his idol - one which will only add to the nationalistic spirit, that is resurging in India currently. (3*/5*)

DNA: With saffron being the current mood of the nation, this film may work. After all, for zillions, this is the closest they will ever get to the man who is currently writing world history. Namo, Namo! (3*/5*)

Gulf News: If you are a Modi fan, then you are likely to savour this sucrose-fuelled biopic. But if you are a movie fan, then this is no riveting cinema and you may even see red in this saffron-hued utopian tale. (2*/5*)