Prime Minister Narendra Modi's security is now going to be impregnable in the air too. The superjet 'Air India One' for President Ramnath Kovind and PM Narendra Modi is ready in the US. Air India One aircraft is expected to be handed over to India. In this 'superjet' of Prime Minister Modi, security measures have been taken like US President Donald Trump. It is like a 'flying fortress' in the air.

Two completely new Boeing 777-300 aircraft from Air India was purchased to carry the Prime Minister and the President. A lot of changes have now been made in this aircraft for safety. India had signed a deal of Rs 1,300 crore with the US for the indigenous 'Airforce One'.

Loaded with a fully integrated missile system

This state-of-the-art Boeing-777 aircraft of PM Narendra Modi is equipped with a fully integrated missile defence system. It has special sensors that will give immediate information about the missile attack. After this, the Defence Electronic Warfare System will become active. In this defence system, infra-red system, digital radio frequency jammer, etc. are engaged. These facilities will be in the same way as the American President is on the plane.

Air India One
First photo of Air India OneCredit:Twitter

Boeing-777 will come to India to replace Air India One, which has been working as Prime Minister's special aircraft for 26 years. Boeing also delivered two 777-300ER aircraft in January last year. Both aircraft were flown back to the US to provide state-of-the-art security cover. Advanced security features are now being added to these aircraft in Fort Worth, Dallas State, USA.

The deal to connect the missile defense system was done during Trump's visit. Air Force One, the American presidential aircraft, can fly at an altitude of 35,000 feet at a speed of 1,013 kilometers per hour. This aircraft can cover 6,800 miles at a time. The aircraft can fly up to a maximum height of 45,100 feet. The flight costs about Rs. 1 crore 30 lakh per hour during the flight. At the same time, PM Modi's new aircraft flies at a speed of around 900 kmph.