Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday in the monthly "Mann ki Baat" programme. During the address, PM Modi touched upon various topics, from highlighting the importance of local products to praising the communities for showing restrain while celebrating festivals.

narendra modi on NEP 2020
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If you missed Sunday's Mann ki Baat episode, here are the highlights from PM Modi's address to the nation:

Many more festivals are on the way in the days to come. There is Eid, Sharad Poornima, Valmiki Jayanti, followed by Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhai dooj, the Pooja of Chatthi Maiyya and the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji.....during this crisis-laden period of Corona, we have to exercise patience, observe restraint.

This time when you go shopping, do remember our resolve of 'Vocal for Local'. While purchasing items from the market, we have to accord priority to local products. I earnestly urge you to ensure, in whatever way, in making them a part of your celebrations. Treat them as members of your own will see for yourself how your joy rises by leaps and bounds.

We must also think of our braveheart soldiers who are firmly stationed on our borders in the line of duty, even during these festive times...all in the service and security of Mother India. We have to light a lamp at home in honour of these brave sons and daughters of Mother India.

The whole world are also becoming a fan of our local products. Many of our local products have the potential of becoming global.

Khadi has remained a symbol of simplicity over a long period of time but now our khadi is getting known as an eco friendly fabric. In terms of health, this is a body friendly fabric, an all weather fabric and now it has also become a fashion statement.

This time on Gandhi Jayanti the khadi store in Cannaught Place at Delhi witnessed purchases of over one crore rupees in just a day.

Unity is Power, Unity is strength, Unity is Progress, Unity is Empowerment. United we will scale new heights.

The Kashmir Valley meets almost 90% demand for the Pencil Slats, timber casings of the entire country, and of that, a very large share comes from Pulwama. Once upon a time we used to import wood for pencils from abroad, but, now our Pulwama is making the country self-sufficient in the field of pencil making.

On the 31st of October we lost former Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi. I most respectfully pay my tributes to her.

Do remember and more so during the festivals - wear your masks, keep washing your hands with soap and maintain two yards of social distance.