Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, April 14 announced the extension of the nationwide lockdown till May 3. He further added that the cities and districts of every state across the country will be strictly monitored and tested till April 20.

If the country passed the litmus test in cutting the transmission of COVID-19 then some important activities will be permitted. In his fourth special address to the nation within a month, the Prime Minister further announced seven crucial steps every Indian should follow to curb COVID-19's spread.

PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Twitter

PM Modi's 7 mantras to fight Covid-19: 

  1. Protect senior citizens: The first and foremost step is to protect and take care of elders, especially the ones who have underlying ailments.
  2. Adhere to 'Lakshman Rekha', social distancing: Strictly follow social distancing till May 3. Earlier, during his Mann ki Baat address, the PM stressed the importance of social distancing.
  3. Boost immunity & wear home-made masks: In his third step, PM Modi stressed on the importance of strong immunity during the times of coronavirus. He said, "Follow the instructions issued by AYUSH ministry to enhance your immunity. Regularly consume warm water, 'kadha'." He further repeated the message of using home-made face masks as he himself was seen wearing a gamcha (cotton scarf) as a face cover to encourage the citizens.
  4. Arogya Setu App: In his fourth step, PM Modi said, "Download the Arogya Setu Mobile App to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Inspire others to download the app as well." The Arogya Setu mobile app is developed to help citizens identify risks of coronavirus and track community transmission. Also, aimed at tracing the contact and travel history of individuals that are quarantined, infected or suspected of being susceptible to the virus.
  5. Take care of poor families: It goes unsaid that the pandemic has hurt the most vulnerable section of society. PM Modi reminded people to reach out to the poor and fulfil their needs, especially food requirements.
  6. Help your co-workers: Amid coronavirus pandemic, the fear of unemployment and downsizing is on a new high. In his sixth step, PM Modi asked people to be compassionate towards employees and coworkers. "Do not deprive them of their livelihood," PM said. 
  7. Respect virus warriors:  PM Modi asked people to follow -- "Pay utmost respect to our nation's coronavirus 'warriors' – our doctors and nurses, sanitation workers and police force."

(with inputs from wires)