PK and Dhoom 3
Box Office Collection: Aamir's 'PK' Beats 'Dhoom 3' in 15 Days; Becomes Highest Grossing Bollywood Filmfacebook

"PK" finished its fourth week run at the box office worldwide with the highest earning. Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer "PK" minted ₹13.33 crore in its fourth week.

"PK" or "Peekay" is the highest grossing Bollywood film in India and even the worldwide earnings is the highest ever recorded. But Aamir's latest film failed to beat the record of his last film globally.

The overseas total of "PK" is still far behind "Dhoom 3" and now it looks impossible for the film to break the record. "Dhoom 3" remains the top over grosser with $31.1 million (₹191.04 crore), while "PK" is the second film in the list with $25.5 million (₹156.1 crore).

The box office run of Aamir's film "PK" might stop as it finished its four weeks run. With its stunning box office performance, "PK" has changed the box office prospects.

Rajkumar Hirani's film proved that a film with good content could do wonders at the box office. The film talks about the superstition and fraud that happens in India in the name of God.

While there are several flaws in the film, audience still appreciated it for providing a strong message. However, the content which talked about the fraudulent people was opposed by several right wing activists in India.

There were protests across the country seeking a ban on the movie. Members of Bajrang Dal claimed that the film hurts religious sentiments. But the film sailed through all the controversies and became the highest grosser in India.

From domestic theatrical run the film minted ₹333. 81 crore in four weeks. It shattered several box office records in India and simultaneously created a ₹300 crore revenue club.

Here is a breakup of the worldwide box office figures of "PK"

Domestic box office: 333.81₹ crore

Overseas box office: ₹156.1 crore

Worldwide box office (nett): ₹489 crore

Worldwide box office (gross): ₹635 crore