A poster of Tamil movie "Pisasu".IB Times India

Mysskin's "Pisaasu" ("Pisasu"), a paranormal thriller film, has fetched decent reviews from the critics.

"Pisaasu" has Naga, Prayaga, Harish Uthaman, Radha Ravi and Kalyani Natarajan in pivotal roles. The film's cinematography is handled by Ravi Roy and music is by Arrol Corelli. Director Bala's B Studios has produced the film.

Plot: A woman is grievously injured in a hit and run accident and is rushed to the hospital by the onlookers. However, the woman breathes her last in the hospital while holding hands of Naga (a violinist). Soon, Naga realises that the ghost of the woman is haunting his house. Why is she there? What does she want? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story.

Critics have appreciated director Mysskin for his attempt in making a variety horror film. The performances and the technical aspects have also received positive feedback from the critics.

Check below the review roundup of "Pisaasu"

"Featuring a host of debutants, Mysskin has pulled off a decent paranormal thriller by consciously avoiding clich├ęs usually associated with a ghost movie," stated Surendhar MK of OnlyKollywood.

Performances: "There are limited characters in the film (A huge relief in these days of cast-bombing!) led by commendable showings from Naga who plays the sufferer & Radha Ravi who, in a short yet milestone role, plays the dead girl's father! The others (The girl played by Prayaga Martin, the friends, the apartment neighbours and the mother) pull off their roles effortlessly," according to Pipinghotviews.

Techincal Aspects: "For thrillers to work well, everything in the technical department has to be in total sync. The cinematography, Music and editing was top notch. The film's run-time was a little less than 120 minutes and the editing was tight and coherent. The scene transition was smooth and there was no abrupt cuts," according to Cinemalead

"Pissasu music elevates the film to great heights. Those violins will tug at your heartstrings. Big plus is running time of 113 mins," stated Haricharan Pudipeddi of IANS.

"Pisasu" once again has Mysskin at his best in narrating a story. It is vastly different from his previous films and yet has his trademark style of film-making throughout. Pisasu is haunting of a different kind that takes you along a bundle of emotions," according to moviecrow.

"Pisaasu is definitely fictional and one leaving the theatre satisfied with the story will depend on how he or she has conceptualized ghosts and to what an extent they are willing to be flexible with what they have conceived in their minds about the supernaturals. The love angle of the story, if at all there was one intended to be, is also pretty weak and unconvincing," according to Behindwoods Review Board.

Verdict: A Different Horror Film