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As the entire world is shut down due to strict coronavirus lockdown measures, netizens are finding new challenges to turn the isolated days more interesting.

One such challenge that is going viral on the internet is the 'pillow challenge', which is being aced by several celebrities all across the globe. Now, the pillow challenge has grabbed the eyeballs of Indian celebrities too, and recently, South Indian starlet completed the challenge in her usual ravishing style.

Tamannaah Bhatia oozes her charm

After completing the pillow challenge, Tamannaah herself shared her image on her Instagram page. In the picture, Tamannaah can be seen wearing a white pillow with a black belt strapped in her waist. In this picture, the actress is lying on the floor, which gave the entire image an extremely stylish feel.

Tamannaah BhatiaFacebook

Tamannaah's new image has already gone viral on Instagram, and as of now, it has garnered a staggering 7,89,600 likes.

A few days back, actress Payal Sarkar had also taken up the pillow challenge. In the challenge, Payal wore a yellow pillow, and she also had a white belt strapped in her waist.

The pillow challenge grabbed attention among netizens in late April. In order to participate in pillow c