Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa with Robert SandbergInstagram

Mia Khalifa is having the time of her life. After bidding adieu to the adult film industry, Mia is making news for her calendar photoshoot and love-life with fiancé. She keeps giving us sneak peeks into her personal and professional life.

Mia's racy photoshoot

Mia recently got cosy with her fiancé Robert Sandberg during a photoshoot. For the photoshoot, Mia was dressed in racy lingerie and sitting in a bathtub full of flowers. Robert and Mia shared a passionate lip-lock in one of the photos.

While sharing the picture, Mia wrote, "I'd lie and say he set this up to be romantic, but in reality he crashed my shoot to ask when we were done in the bathroom cause he had to poop."

Robert's birthday wish

Sharing a picture of Robert standing behind her with a blurred face, Mia wrote, "Robert... I tried! Happy happy birthday, bubba!" Robert commented on the picture with several laughing emojis. He has also been receiving birthday wishes from Mia's followers ever since then.

Mia under stress

In an interview with Stephen Sackur for BBC's Hard Talk, Mia spoke at length about her career in the porn industry. Mia revealed that she was not only left by her family and everyone she knew while she was in the industry but even after she chose to quit it.

"I felt completely alienated by not just the world, but my family and the people around me. Especially after I quit, when I was still alone, even though I left. And I just realised some mistakes aren't forgivable. But time heals all wounds, and things are getting better now," she said.

Mia also revealed that she has been under stress even after quitting the industry because of the people around her and how they look at her. In the interview, she said, "I think post-traumatic stress kicks in mostly when I go on public. Because the stares I get, I feel like people can see through my clothes. And it brings me deep shame. It makes me feel like I lost all rights to my privacy, which I did because I am just one Google search away."