With films like Thappad, Mulk and Article 15; Anubhav Sinha has not only created a niche for himself in the industry but also proved his mettle as a writer and director. Considering the kind of socially relevant films he makes now, it is difficult to believe that the same man had helmed Shah Rukh Khan's Ra One. In a recent chat show, Anubhav opened up about Shah Rukh Khan and the film.

Anubhav Sinha had said that for him getting to know Shah Rukh Khan was a bigger thing than making Ra One. He added that he has not seen any star who is even close to the way Shah Rukh Khan is and is the only actor he has got to know so close and personal. Not just that, he also said that he keeps learning a lot from Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh Khan
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'There is no match to King Khan'

Anubhav further said that till the time I had not met Shah Rukh, I used to think that I am the most hard-working person, but Shah Rukh exceeds everyone in that. He also said that even when it comes to chivalry, there is no match to King Khan. Anubhav also said that even if he doesn't get to make a film with Shah Rukh in future, in wouldn't bother him as long as he continues to know him.

In Neelesh Misra's chat show, The Slow Interview, Anubhav Sinha said, "Mujhe is baat ki bahut chinta rehti hai ke film achhi bane. Kyunki everyone gets paid while making a film but outside of that, people go out-of their limits to make it better. And they are all following your vision and if your vision wasn't right, you indirectly betray them and that's not a good feeling."

Coming to Ra One, he said, "So like in Ra One, I think it should have been way better. So betrayed a lot of people. I betrayed Shah Rukh, I betrayed my son. He loves it but I wanted him to learn from everyone all across like Mulk. I wanted the same thing to happen with Ra One too but he doesn't hear the same thing from elders about the film. End of the day, the onus is on me because I am sitting on that chair."

Further talking about Ra One and its outcome at the box-office, Sinha said that it had more to do with people from the industry desperately wanting Shah Rukh to flop. "I believe, people wanted Shah Rukh to flop once. They desperately wanted him to flop once. No star is Shah Rukh Khan, you can not be Shah Rukh Khan. He can continue to make flops for fifteen years and he still will be Shah Rukh Khan. And it is not easy for other competition to deal with it. I don't think it has anything to do with his acting."