As the number of coronavirus cases in India are rising and people are becoming more aware of the gravity of the problem, an increasing number of people want to ascertain if they are healthy and safe. They want to get tests done to make this sure.

In one such effort, people in Bihar visited a health centre to get the checkup done for coronavirus but were in for a surprise when they got to know that without conducting a test they are being declared "corona free".

Health center in bihar
A staff at the health facility in Bihar writing details of people who had come to get the coronavirus test done before declaring them "corona free" even without conducting the test.Twitter

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A video that is being circulated on the internet shows some people had come to a government health facility to get the test done for coronavirus but instead of any doctor doing the check-up or they be subjected to any test, one of the staff at the facility simply registered their name and basic information and stamped them corona free.

On being asked why there is no test and declaring corona free without conducting one, the staff said that there are no tests and this how things are being done here. On persistent questioning by the man recording the video, the staff at the facility asked him to inquire with another official sitting outside.

The official on being asked why they are being declared "corona free" when there has been no test, he gave the same answer what the staff said inside the room. The irritated official tried to shoo away the man by saying that he is tired of answering such questions as thousands of people are coming to get the tests done when they do not have any test kits or procedures to follow in order to conduct the test coronavirus at the centre.

30 test positive for coronavirus in Bihar

So far 30 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in the state with highest number reported in district Munger where 8 people have been tested COVID-19 positive.

Due to limited medical resources, the Indian Council of Medical Research has set the criteria for testing people suspected of contracting the virus. As per the ICMR guidelines, people with severe respiratory illness, and those showing symptoms of coronavirus will be tested for COVID-19.

coronavirus bio suits
DRDO develops bio suits for health workers. Image: PIB

Its earlier guidelines on asymptomatic patients who have travelled internationally in the last 2 weeks should stay at home in quarantine and be tested if they start showing coronavirus symptoms, will continue.

As on Monday, April 6, 4,314 people have been tested positive and over 118 have died due to coronavirus in India.