Kritika Malik, Armaan Malik, Payal Malik
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The eviction of Payal Malik from Bigg Boss OTT 3 has shocked one and all. Payal, who had entered the house with husband, Armaan Malik and his second wife, Kritika; was expected to stay inside the house for much longer. However, her quick eviction left everyone startled. Ever since the trio entered the house, all eyes have been on them and their controversial polygamous marriage.

'Move on zabardasti why?': Bigg Boss OTT 3 Payal Malik reveals if she will be divorcing Armaan Malik
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Armaan Malik was already married

Now, Payal Malik has revealed that Armaan was already married before he married her. She added that Armaan was married off when he was a child, even before he had turned 18. She revealed that before the YouTube content creator got married to her, he had already divorced his first wife. Payal also added that Armaan's second marriage with Kritika was an injustice done to her.

"Yes, I have been wronged by Armaanji, I left my house for him. I was dependent on him since 8 years, I was living with him, he was my everything. And then all of a sudden, someone else came into his life, so yes, injustice has been done to me. But I have said this before also, today and in the future, I am his first priority. Kritika comes after me, and she knows it, so do our family and subscribers," she told Indian Express.

Kritika Malik, Armaan Malik, Payal Malik
Kritika Malik, Armaan Malik, Payal MalikInstagram

Contemplated suicide

Payal further added that she even contemplated suicide while she was away from him after his third marriage with Kritika. But, she realised even in that separation that it was only her husband who truly cared for her and not her family members. Malik added that she again cut herself off from her family and the duo worked on their marriage to make it work.

True love made her move back

Payal quipped that money is not the reason she is with Armaan but because she truly loves him. The BB OTT contestant further mentioned that she also thought about her son, Chiku, and wanted him to have both set of parents.