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Power star Pawan Kalyan, currently busy with his political career, is reportedly having second thoughts about accepting the offer of the Telugu remake of Pink, even though Dil Raju is ready to give him Rs 50 crore as remuneration.

Pawan Kalyan plunged into politics, floated own party called Jana Sena and tasted failure in the recent Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. Many of his fans want him to make a comeback to film industry, as the next election are 4.5 years away. But the power star is not in a mood to make his re-entry to films.

Rumours about Pawan Kalyan playing the lead role in the Telugu version of the Hindi film Pink have been doing rounds for quite some time. Dil Raju, who has acquired its remake rights, desperately wants to work with Pawan Kalyan in this project. The producer has teamed up with almost all the leading Telugu actors but not with the power star. It is his lifetime dream to work with him now.

Dil Raju, who is well aware of Pawan Kalyan's political commitments, reportedly feels that the Telugu remake of Pink is the perfect film to do with him at this juncture. Pink is a courtroom drama, which hardly requires any outdoor shoots. Moreover, the actor needs to dedicate just 30 days.

Pawan Kalyan and Dil Raju
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Dil Raju does not have high hopes with gains from this project. He has a strategic plan to avoid any loss even if it fails at the box office. Besides having less number of days for its shoot, Pink does not have any commercial elements and mass appeal.

It is rumoured that Dil Raju has offered Rs 50 crore to Pawan Kalyan to play the lawyer, originally played by Amitabh Bachchan in Pink. He has planned to spend Rs 25 crore on the remaining cast and crew and production and promotion. This is why he is roping in Nivedha Thomas and Anjali to play the other lead roles. Director Sriram Venu is said to be working on the remake for monthly salary.

While Pawan is yet to make up his mind to come back to acting, Dil Raju has been busy with the pre-production work of the remake of Pink. The producer has Rs 75 crore budget for the movie and has planned to release it through his regular distributors. He wants to wrap it as early as possible and release it during summer 2020. It is yet to be ascertained whether the power star would come on board.