Pawan Kalyan Mania at Goapala Gopala Special Screening
@ShekarNews: Haarthi For God . #GopalaGopala

Shiva Parvathi Theatre in Kukatpally witnessed the peak of Power Star Pawan Kalyan's popularity in the wee hours of Saturday, 10 January and the photos featuring fans celebrating the release of "Gopala Gopala" have gone viral on Twitter.

"Gopala Gopala", the remake of Hindi film "Oh My God", is the next outing of Pawan Kalyan after the release of his blockbuster movie "Attarintiki Daredi". The actor is seen as Lord Krishna, which was originally played by Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. His look in the film raised the expectation of fans, who were waiting for the film with bated breath. 

The makers of "Gopala Gopala" held a special screening of the movie at the Shiva Parvathi Theatre and benefits from the show will be used for charity. The screening of the film began at 2.30 am on Saturday and since it was the first show, all the tickets were sold well in advance. Thousands of fans, who gave up their sleep, gathered at the theatre hours before the screening began.

Some fans even offered aarthi to the screen when the movie was played. Pawan Kalyan enters minutes before the interval. The moment he appeared on screen, fans' cheers hit the roof. Later fans were seen bursting crackers inside the theatre.

For a few minutes, almost everyone in the theatre stood up as a mark of respect to the Power Star. Besides posting a couple of photos of the celebrations, VamsiKaka, well-known film critic, tweeted, "I can count the number of people sitting in their seats for Pawan Kalyan's entry... #GopalaGopala."

After the show got over, VamsiKaka spoke to IBTimes India and said that the hysteria inside the theatre showed the power of Pawan Kalyan. "It was an energetic atmosphere. Fans went crazy after seeing the Power Star on the big screen after a long time," he added.

Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with the tweets and photos featuring the celebration of Pawan Kalyan's entry in "Gopala Gopala". This has once again proved that the Power Star is another demi-god down South after Tamil superstar Rajinikanth.

Here are some photos posted on Twitter by the crazy fan of Pawan Kalyan: