Covid vaccination for teenagers aged between 15 to 18 has begun in India. However, there has been some confusion about whether paracetamol tablets should be taken by teenagers after receiving the jab.  

Now, Bharat Biotech, the Covid vaccine manufacturer has cleared the air, and the company has made it clear that there is no need to take paracetamol after receiving the shot. 

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Paracetamol tablets not needed after receiving the Covid vaccine

In a recent tweet, Covaxin manufacturer Bharat Biotech revealed that there are certain vaccination centers that recommend paracetamol tablets for children after receiving the vaccine. The company suggested that there is no need to take paracetamol tablets after vaccination. 

"We have received feedback that certain immunization centers are recommending taking three paracetamol 500 mg tablets along with Covaxin for children. No paracetamol or pain killers are recommended after being vaccinated with Covaxin. Paracetamol was recommended along with certain other Covid-19 vaccines, but is not recommended for Covaxin," wrote Bharat Biotech on its Twitter page. 

It should be noted that children aged between 15 to 18 are supposed to receive just the Covaxin vaccine. 

Mild side effects after vaccination

Bharat Biotech also added that a clinical trial has been conducted to determine the side effects of Covaxin. As per the study report conducted among 30,000 people, only 10 to 20 percent developed side effects, but they were very mild. 

"Most of these are mild, resolve within 1-2 days, and do not require medication. Medication is only recommended after you consult a physician," asserted Bharat Biotech. 

Meanwhile, the presence of the Omicron variant is literally bothering medical experts in India. According to these medical experts, the Omicron variant has undergone several mutations, and as a result, it could evade the immunity offered by Covid vaccines