Controversial Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada made headlines once again after tweeting a photo of herself donning a suicide vest. On Tuesday, the singer posted a photo along with the caption, "#ModiHitler I just wish huh #kashmirkibeti," which came across as a threat to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the abrogation Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. 

The bold tweet ruffled many feathers with the netizens who reprimanded the singer for the insensitivity of the tweet. Many Twitter users called her out for the photo and for the message behind the tweet. A Twitter user wrote, "You are looking so pretty in your National dress. Do they let you wear regular women clothes sometimes? You'll look even better in them. But then I guess only civilized people do so. Oh well..."

rabi pirzada suicide vest

Another spoke about how inappropriate it was for a Pakistani singer to threaten the leader of a nation. The user wrote, "Only in Pakistan would a singer pose with a suicide bomb vest and talk about blowing herself up to assassinate a leader. What a total disgusting place Pakistan has become. Your minds are only filled with hate and violence. Meanwhile, you're #1 in infant mortality and poverty."

Image: Twitter

Another user tagged the FATF asking them to take note of the activity. He wrote, "Dear @FATFNews please take note of this, a paki singer is threatening to kill PM Modi. Another reason to blacklist Pakistan."

Not only did the Twitter users of India boycott her tweet, some from Pakistan also asked Pirzada to avoid putting up posts like these. Tagging her, the user said, "Dear @Rabipirzada people do things like this get fame... ALHAMDOLLILAH you are already very much famous in Pakistan and world. Please don't do things like this.all know that u r a patriot person. Some kanjars will use this pic to spoil the name of our beloved country."

pakistani singer with snakes

Pirzada is no stranger to making claims like this. In September, she tweeted a video of herself surrounded by snakes and alligators saying she would be gifting them to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She went on to threaten India asking them to go to hell for scrapping  Article 370 as she identifies herself as a Kashmiri woman. She further said, "I am ready with snakes and alligators and these all are gifts for PM Modi. Get ready to die in hell."