In a shocking case of police brutality, a 21 year old boy's body was pumped with 17 bullets by the Pakistan police. The crime of the boy was that he didn't stop at a checkpoint. The boy, named Usama Satti, was bombarded with police bullets near G-10 Srinagar Highway. The ATS Islamabad police fired at the young boy when he didn't stop his car on police commands.

Usama Satti
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As per reports, a total of 22 shots were fired on the car. Usama's body was shredded with 17 shots. So far, 5 personnel have been arrested.

Outrage on social media

Ever since the heinous incident took place, social media has been firing the Pakistan police for their cold-hearted approach towards the young boy. #JusticeForUsamaNadeemSatti has been trending on Twitter ever since with people demanding strict punishment for the officials involved.

Many have even asked for compensation for the bereaved family, whose son has been snatched away from them in such a gut-wrenching episode. A local news channel claimed that all the accused have been arrested and murder charges have been registered against them.

The Islamabad News channel interviewed the deceased's father. The father claimed that the boy had gone to drop his friend at his house when the incident took place. Calling the incident not of "power" but of "horror and panic" the father looked helpless and distraught. He also requested media to not interview him but to bring forth the faces of those who committed such atrocious crime. Many social media users also questioned how was the boy running away with the car when the police personnels fired on the front shield of the car.

Now, a retd Lt Gen M Haroon Aslam has also ridiculed the incident. In his tweet, he has said, "Killing of Usama Nadeem on Srinagar Highway in Islamabad . Trigger happy anti terrorist squads need better training. It's the precision and not the volume of fire. They could have stopped the cars by burting the tyres. #IslamabadPolice #Pakistan #PrimeMinisterImranKhan" (sic).

Almost three hours later, in his next tweet, the retd Gen wrote, "My earlier tweet was based on the premise that it was an incidental case. If it was a premeditated action, the culprits should be brought before the law and severely punished."

The incident has sent shockwaves across the nation which is already being ridiculed for the state of its law and order across the globe.