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Barbers in Pakistan say no to stylish beard and haircuts calling it un-Islamic [Representational Image]Creative Commons

Barbers in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province announced a ban on western beard and hairstyles because it violates Islamic law, Pakistan daily Dawn reported.

Speaking at the Peshawar Press Club on Monday, Sulemani Hairdressers Association president Sharif Kahlo said there are more than 200,000 members in his organization and all of them would strictly follow the decision.

"We are Muslims and will follow the teachings of Islam. Those who want a French and English cut of hair and beard should not visit our salons," Kahlo said. English and French beard and hairstyles are against the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, he stated. 

The decision echoes the introduction of a similar ban in the same area that happened almost a decade ago after militant groups including the Pakistani Taliban threatened barbers.

However, Kahlo strongly denied being on any kind of pressure from any militant organization, and called it as "a decision of our conscience".

According to AFP report, he said there are several shops in the province which were not members of the association, and they'll try to convince them as well to follow it.

"We will try and convince them to implement the decision but will not force them at all," he said. "We met local administrations of all the major cities and districts in the province and they assured us of their full cooperation but refused to issue any directive to make this decision official."

Adil Khan, the association's general secretary, said that another group of hairdressers is spreading rumors that the decision would send a wrong message to the foreigners. However, he said: "Our decision is purely in accordance with the teachings of Islam and will not have any impact on foreigners."