Taliban's insurgence followed by takeover of Afghanistan has the entire world in shock. Time and again, the ISI-Taliban nexus stands exposed - all in the last few days. Now, a shocking video shows young school-aged girls singing in praise of Taliban after their Afghan takeover.

Jamia Hafsa, a seminary in Islamabad, celebrated the takeover of Afghanistan by the terror group Taliban. They reportedly hoisted Taliban flags on the rooftops and an event was organised in praise of Taliban. A PAK-based journalist shared the video of two young girls singing a song "Salaam Taliban."

Viral video draws ire; PAK faces heat

The video has since gone viral on social media. Netizens, from Afghanistan as well as India and other countries globally, have strongly criticised the event.

How PAK normalises terrorism; students sing pro-Taliban songs after Afghan takeover [video]

In the video, a group of women, clad in burqas, can be seen holding placards congratulating Taliban. One placard read: "Pakistan's ambition too is Islami rule." All these placards were held by young students, who at a tender age are being brainwashed into believing the opposite reality.

Reacting to this event, Habib Khan, an Afghan journalist and activist, said, "Let Pakistanis celebrate the invasion of Afghanistan, for now. Eventually, Afghans will liberate their land and expel them like the rest of the invaders. Remember, Pakistan will break into pieces."

"The Pakistani deep state can deny its support of the Taliban but actions speak louder than words. This is a police report (in Urdu) of the arrest of nine Afghans for waving their country's flag in Peshawar. Meanwhile, the Red Mosque in ISB raised Taliban flags without consequence," said another user on Twitter.

How PAK normalises terrorism; students sing pro-Taliban songs after Afghan takeover [video]
via Twitter/Roohan Ahmed

"Lal masjid women wing sings a song praising the Afghan Taliban in the heart of Islamabad. How is this mosque able to support, produce and glorify terrorists for years and yet not be shutdown? This cannot be possible without state collusion!" Pakistani journalist in Paris Taha Siddiqui wrote.

It is no secret that Pakistan is supporting and celebrating Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan. In Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) on Monday, a rally was organised by Taliban supporters on Monday morning, with LeT and JeM outfits coming out in support of the Taliban. The participants in the rally also fired in the air.