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Many fans of Oviya Helen, the former contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil, have disagreed with her on banning the controversial reality TV show. They slammed the actress, saying she is nothing without the show.

Oviya Helen has starred in around 30 movies in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. She became a household name with her stint on Bigg Boss Tamil 1, which also caused mental harassment for her. Ever since she walked out of the show, she has been in news for one or the other reason.

The actress has amassed a huge number of fans with her performance in Bigg Boss Tamil 1. She is very active on social media and often interacts with her fans. She took to her Twitter account last night to ask, "Do you agree or disagree to ban big boss show?" A fan replied, "Yes it should be banned." Oviya responded, "I wish they should not torture contestants until commit suicide for TRP."

While some agreed with Oviya Helen, many of her fans were in disagreement with her. They said that she hogged the limelight with the show. She didn't understand the concept of the show properly. Hence she failed to with the title. However, Bigg Boss is a good platform for everyone to show their strengths and understand their weakness. The show should not be banned, as it is very popular.

Here are some fans' tweets on their disagreement with Oviya Helen:

Oviyaa.Oviya Twitter Account

kathir eesan @EesanKathir

Without bigg boss u r nothing to us. BB gave u unexpected famous. Ur famous triangle came from kalavani - BB - kalavani2. That's it. Just i think u r not so deserve Tamil peoples love.

Thiruvallur memes @thiruvallurmeme

Without bigg boss Oviyaa is just another market less actress After bigg boss also same no change in it

Faasil Ahmed @AhmedFaasil

I agree to ban, that's y some shameless creatures barking as am celebrity

Yugendra Kumar @Yugendrakumar25

Ban it.....undeserving ppl are getting attention and misusing it in the worse ways.....and moreover our ppl dont know to choose who is ryt and wrong and make rogues popular.

Kvn @KomVNA

Disagree because Big Boss is a platform 2 many upcoming talents that wants 2 join show like this to reveal them, to be known.it will somehow help their career

Maran @cujoo

I don't agree.... this shows brought people who are not living by examples. You are not one of them. We are showing to people how should not live rather influencing how you do such cheap activities.

நடுமுள் @balamurali418

I disagree. If you take challenges seriously then go inside otherwise dont step inside. It is the show for test your willpower and patience not for fame and money or anything else.

ThendralPriya @priya_thendral

Disagree Because if u know that for TRP they do whatever they want then y u going and participating It's just a reality show and u sign contract before u join so u know well about the t&c before blaming the show blame yourself for participating very simple As always love u a lot ❤

MANI TAMIL @MoneyTamil

Not necessary to ban... its real show.. people emotional induced by task and expose their good bad characters... so we could see our self in that and we may try Change whenever we facing such as issue or induced our emotions... it's kinda of grow our maturity by analysing our....

CineManiac @selvadgr82013

Didn't you see or heard about big boss in other lang. Contestants will always play with others weakness as they want their toughest contestant to go out that week. Wasn't this also mentioned in the game disclaimer you all signed mam. I would recommend participants to read n sign