Tamil Nadu Police have so far repatriated 210 policemen who were working as orderlies at the residences of IPS officers and other senior police officers. Even retired police officers were using the services of these policemen.

However, sources in the state police told IANS that about 150 policemen are yet to report back to duty.

210 orderlies repatriated in TN after Madras HC order

The Madras High Court in a landmark judgment on June 22 lashed out against the practice of trained, educated policemen being deployed as orderlies at the residence of senior police officers including IPS officers as also retired police officers.

Justice S.M. Subramaniam of the Madras High Court in the judgment said that this practice would demoralize the police force and using a personal belonging to a uniformed service for domestic work of senior officials is illegal and amounts to misconduct.

The court also pointed out that despite receiving a monthly allowance to appoint domestic help, police officers were misusing the uniformed service.

Tamil Nadu DGP, C. SylendraBabu told media persons on Thursday that the state police have complied with the court orders and have directed all the SB-CID policemen to be back into their mother units.