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IBTimes India Rating: 2

"Oru Second Class Yathra", starring Vineeth Sreenivasan, has finally hit the screens on Friday, 8 May. The film had managed to create positive buzz among the audience with its song and trailer. However, the film fails to come out as a comedy suspense thriller as it was supposed to be. 

The story of "Oru Second Class Yathra" revolves around a train journey, which involves two culprits played by Vineeth Sreenivasan and Chemban Vinod. They are taken to Thiruvananthapuram Central Jail from Kannur with the assistance of two police constables, played by Sreejith Ravi and Joju George, who share bizarre enmity between them since their training days.

The story takes a turn when one of the culprits escapes from by tricking these police officers. The rest of the movie talks about the life of these culprits and how the police manage to catch hold of the one who escaped.

"Oru Second Class Yathra" can be the best example of the proverb, "Too many cooks spoil the broth". The director duo, Jexon Antony and Rejis Antony, have adopted a flash-back narrative to present this thriller story, but unfortunately the suspense elements went amiss, especially in the second half.

To add to the woes, the portraits of many characters looked incomplete and disconnected from the basic story-line.

When it comes to scripting, the movie has some good moments as it manages to bring in some subtle laughter in the first half. But the narration loses all its appeal in the second half just like a bubble bursting into thin air.

Coming to the star cast of the film, Chemban Vinod might be the major reason why one would remember this film as he did convincingly well to bring in some comic elements.

When it comes to lead actor Vineeth Sreenivasan, he seldom has dialogues and fails to bring in some intensity to his role. After watching the film, you may also be surprised by Nikki Galrani's reasoning for playing this role, which provides her little screen presence.

Indrans' performance as an emotionally vulnerable person might remind you of the one he had played in "Apothecary". The rest of the star cast has done their parts well to stay in tunes with the narration.

Coming to the technicalities, the cinematography by Vinod Illamplaly is impressive. In fact, a better aesthetic polish from editor Lijo Paul would have helped the movie to be a decent entertainer.

Except for the song, Gopi Sunder's background score remains average throughout the film.

To conclude, "Oru Second Class Yathra" lacks the pace and essential elements of a comedy suspense thriller.

Live Update

"Oru Second Class Yathra" is average when it comes to story and narration.

Its Chemban Vinod who emerge as the central character. But, the narration fails to come with an impressive climax.

The second half of the movie is less impressive. Compared to first half, the second half has its share of predictability and lag.

First half done. The film has an engaging plot until now.

Stunning visuals is one big positive aspect of this film.

Excellent characterisation and dialogue delivery by Chemban Vinod has made this movie worth a watch till now.

The movie goes into flash back mode, when Vineeth was a teenage boy, Nandu. Nikki Galrani plays his elder sister and Balau Varghese his best friend, Kumaran.

Joju George and Sreejit Ravi are two police constables, who take these two culprits by train from Kannur to Trivandrum. 

Enter two lead characters played by Vineeth Sreenivasan and Chemban Vinod. They are introduced as two convicts.

The first comic element of movie, Joly, played by Joju George.

Looks like last minute word of mouth and promotions have helped "Oru Second Class Yathra." A good number of family crowd seen during first day first show.