Daniel Gillies aka Elijah Mikaelson turns 39
Daniel Gillies aka Elijah Mikaelson turns 39.Facebok/The Originals

Daniel Gillies, who is famous for playing a member of the "Original Vampire" family Elijah Mikaelson, will celebrate his 39th birthday on 14 March. Gillies also had a recurring role as the same character, in "The Originals" parent show "The Vampire Diaries". He also has the leading role of Dr Joel Goran in the Canadian supernatural medical drama, "Saving Hope".

Adorned in a crisp suit and armed with impeccable manners, Elijah of "The Originals" is an admirable brother of the Mikaelson clan; possibly the only one. Family comes first to Elijah, especially his brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and sister Rebekah (Claire Holt). Although he is mostly serious and tends to exude an air of seriousness, he occasionally exhibits a dry, wry sense of humour.

It is the rarity of these witty one-liners that make Elijah quotes so special. Here are some of the best Elijah Mikaelson quotes:

Season 1 Episode 1 "Always and Forever"

Rebekah: [as he's walking out] Where are you going?
Elijah: To find out who's making a move against our brother. And then I'll either stop them... or I'll help them, depending on my mood.

Season 1 Episode 5: "Sinners and Saints"

Davina: Why should I trust you?
Elijah: Well, for one thing, in spite of a ravenous hunger, I have not tried to take your blood.

Season 1 Episode 8: "The River in Reverse"

Hayley: Remind me to annihilate your brother once you're healthy.
Elijah: Yes, remind me to remind you to get in line.

Season 1 Episode 9: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans"

Klaus: When I order werewolves to be hunted to extinction, I expect you to stand to the side and let the blood flow.
Elijah: How delightfully democratic of you.

Season 1 Episode 11: "Après Moi, Le Déluge"

Niklaus: Are there any more inopportune deaths you'd like to wave in my face?
Elijah: Give me a month, I'll get you a list.

Season 1 Episode 17: "Moon Over Bourbon Street"

Genevieve: Spoken like a man who's made peace with his demons.
Niklaus: My demons are dead, or chased off.
Elijah: Yes, apart from the one lingering monster with whom you share a bed.

Season 1 Episode 20: "A Closer Walk With Tree"

Nicklaus: It seems rather uncivilised to laugh and dance around the body of a loved one.
Elijah: Yes, far better to practise your process of grief, Niklaus – denial, rage, and hoarding coffins in basements.

Elijah: You look...
Hayley: A hundred months pregnant and pissed off at the world?
Elijah: I was going to say "you look lovely."

Season 2 Episode 4: "Live and Let Die"

Elijah (to Gia): As a devout feminist, I refuse to say you hit like a girl.

Season 2 Episode 15: "They All Asked for You"

Gia: So it all worked out, and yet I don't recall hearing 'Nice job, Gia. Really appreciate the help.' Elijah: Forgive me. I was a little tied up trying to prevent Niklaus from being...well...Niklaus. Nice job, Gia. Really appreciate the help.