Janhvi Kapoor's staff loses cool as man comes too close to click selfieIBTimes IN

Fans and followers often step over the thin-line while trying to get a click with their star. Celebs have often been spotted feeling awkward and uncomfortable when fans get too much into their personal space for a selfie. And in the pandemic times like these, celebs often witness social distancing going for a toss. And something similar happened with Janvhi Kapoor recently.

Janhvi Kapoor at the airportInstagram

The actress was spotted at the Mumbai airport recently. It was while she was leaving the airport that paps and fans circled around her. People started trying to take selfies. And Janhvi patiently posed. However, it was at this point that one person came too close to Janhvi holding the phone right in front of her face. This irked Janhvi's staff who pushed the man away and also reminded him that its "corona time". The man looked visibly shocked with the sudden movement of the staff.

It was at this point that Janhvi quickly took stock of the situation. She went back to the man and posed with him for a picture. Meanwhile, another man also came from the other side to get clicked with the actress. This led to Kapoor asking the man to not come too close. Soon the photos were taken and the actress exited the airport. The video soon went viral.

However, social media is praising Janhvi for her humility and gentle nature. "People forget that the pandemic is still looming over us. But she didn't disappoint the man," said one user. "You see a lot of Sridevi in her, always helpful, always graceful, always patient," said another. "Why do people do this? Why can't they respect her personal space as it is corona time," questioned one user.

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