Director Vamsi Paidipally's "Oopiri," which is a remake of the French movie "The Intouchables," has got positive verdicts and rich ratings from critics. They say it is another great experimental movie in the career of Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Vikaramaditya (Nagarjuna) is a quadriplegic billionaire leading a life of loneliness and boredom. While appointing a caregive for himself, he selects small-time crook Seenu (Karthi), who is just out of jail on parole and in search of a job after his mother doesn't let him enter the house. How the two solve each other's problems forms the crux of the story.

Critics say "Oopiri" has a brilliant story, hitherto unexplored in the Telugu film industry. Vamsi Paidipally has made a fantastic and daring attempt in adapting the French movie. He has stayed honest to the original, but made few minor changes to suit the Telugu viewers. The movie has engrossing narration that does not bore the audience even for a minute.

Nagarjuna has done a brilliant job as a wheelchair-bound billionaire, and his performance is the highlight of the film. Karthi, who is making his debut in a straight Telugu film, steals the show as Seenu with his superb acting. Tamannaah has also done justice to her role. Karthi's bromance with Nag and romance with Tamannaah are some of the biggest attractions of the movie.

Oopiri has top-class production values, making it rich and colourful. Gopi Sunder's music, PS Vinod camera work and exotic locales are the attractions on the technical front. The slow narration is the only big drawback of the movie, say the critics, who have rated the film an average of 3.45 out of 5 stars. Continue to see some critics' verdict and ratings in "Oopiri" review roundup:

The Hindu Ratings: 4

The director takes liberties to play to Nagarjuna's romantic image, making him go on a date and get some adrenaline rush with swift cars. All this blends seamlessly with the narrative. But the gay humour is like a sore thumb.

Idle Brain Ratings: 3.5

Oopiri is a film that's extremely difficult to execute in Telugu. The team of Vamsi Paidipally, Nagarjuna and PVP (key decision makers of this project) have trusted it and went on to make it with full conviction. Not even a single unrelated scene was shot to satisfy the so-called commercial movie lovers. This film is little lengthy and second half appears a bit slow. But, that doesn't take away anything from the emotional journey we experience through the film. On a whole, Oopiri is a thoroughly enjoyable emotional ride. Go for it!!

India Glitz Rating: 3.5

Oopiri is a bromantic comedrama that is a rare film. It comes with memorable performances, neat writing, and a deft technical texture. The second half falters a bit in terms of slow pace. But it's excusable.

123 Telugu Ratings: 3.75

The trailers showcased Oopiri as a celebration of life and indeed, the film as a whole stands up to all its hype and hysteria. Nagarjuna's life changing performance and Karthi's liveliness create magic on screen and make things work big time. Though one feels that the film is majorly catered to class audience, it has the capacity to even impress the front benchers because of its universal emotions. Very rarely does one come across such a meaningful film in Telugu which holds your attention with its beautiful narration. Finally, if you ignore the slow pace of the film during the second half, Oopiri is one film which stands apart and cannot be missed.

AP Herald Ratings: 2.50

Telugu cinema has always been a difficult terrain for remakes as thestory lines structured for audiences elsewhere, often found itdifficult to gel with the tastes of our Telugu audiences. Even thoughthat is the case, the recent years witnessed a lot of remakes inTelugu, with very few of them making an impression among the spectators. "Oopiri" is the latest one to add to the list, and thisbeing the first of the adaptation made by the director VamsiPaidipally. So in all, Oopiri has a fine direction, good performances and some well executed sequences too. But with nothing new to revealor surprise in its content for me its content, for me it just remainsa good one time watch and not anything more than that as being projected.